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The Game Of Me

Creative Coding | Projection Mapping | AR & VR | Storytelling | Psychology 

The Game of Me is an immersive installation of my healing journey from a sexual harassment trauma: a journey towards self-love and compassion. It channels my personal thoughts, emotions and everything that helped me process this trauma and learn to love myself again: The process of this project was my own sort of therapy.
Snapshots of my life are turned into an art installation where people can just look at it or play it. Every single element tells a part of my story in modular gamified experiences. The Game of Me explores the boundaries between different media: from Augmented Reality (AR), Projection Mapping to Creative Coding, Installation Design, Alternative Controlled all mixed with Live Music Performance.



This project tackled the concept of intrusive thoughts and emotional regulation. The process of reflecting on my personal traumas to understand my coping mechanism was challenging but resulted in a great sense of peacefulness. I started sketching, journaling, coding, composing music and designing systems to express myself in a mindful way. The whole process of developing this installation was therapeutic.

Exhibited at:

- Now Play This, Somerset House London 2023

London's leading festival of experimental games
- EGX Excel London 2022 (Future of Play Collection)

The Biggest gaming event in the UK with 75k+ Attendees

Playtime Festival Bruges 2022 (Live Music for the Installation) Game Festival supported by Bruges Cultural Center
- BLON Animation and Games Festival Lithuania 2022

The biggest animation and games festival in the Baltic Sea 
- A Maze Berlin 2022 | one of the biggest international festival focusing on arthouse games and playful media in Germany 

- Laval Virtual Europe 2022, one of the first AR/VR exhibitions in Europe (Student ReVolution)

- EGX London 2021 (Leftfield Collection)

Awards and Nominations: 

- Silver Prize at Cairo Design Awards 2022
- Nominated for Digital Moment Award at A Maze Berlin 2022

- Longlisted for the BBA Gallery Berlin Artist Prize 2022

IMG_2994.JPG (21).gif
Game of Me process.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.00.28 AM.png

Projection Mapping of my Memories

Projection mapping that explores the concept of time and memories from a personal perspective. This art piece is reminiscent of my memories from my childhood till the moment I travelled to London in 2020. (Everything was created by openframeworks / C++)

Interactive Narrative AR Diary 

A game setup in my personal notebook where the players navigate spaces inside the notebook (different spreads). Players can interact with different drawings, sketches and thoughts. These interactions generate personal memorable conversations

Subconscious Simulation

An audio visual interactive experience expressing the internal subconscious struggle from my personal perspective. The game tackles the concept of intrusive thoughts and voices inspired by my upbringing. Growing up in a conservative community, I felt resistance from my surrounding environment whenever I question culture, society or religion. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 6.11.42 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 6.11.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 6.11.18 AM.png

The whole environment is made out of my original music (Generative Music Cities)

I developed a generative code using creative coding and open frameworks that maps music into structures. I mapped different pitches to different architectural formation and the tempo is mapped to the heights of the buildings. I wanted to create generative structures that are trying to give music a physical aspect: a physical representation of music. The main concept is related to the fact that music has helped me a lot overcome a lot of my struggles. It added structure to my life that’s why I wanted to conceptually represent this. These buildings were used in the subconscious game where the players sees them in the final phase. They are representing a sort of a shelter that the player can go to and these shelters develop with time and change depending on what I’m feeling. Each building triggers the music related to it.

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