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Game Design | Design Research | Politics 

An educational game enhancing political awareness and youth engagement. This game represents the country on a macro scale, reflecting how its economy works and highlighting the conflict between an individual’s self-interest and the overall wellbeing of the population.

The game is set up such that each player learns collaborative work play through collectively managing resources with other players. In turn, every decision a player makes affects those shared resources, and consequently, the rest of the players.

The aim of the project is to introduce basic political, governance and constitutional elements to young adults in order to make them more politically engaged. The game is built on top of the constitution, as it teaches players how constitutional articles directly relate to our day-to-day lives.


  • Gold Prize, Cairo Design Awards 2022

  • Public Good Design Award, Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards

  • Social Change Finalist, Indigo Awards Design

  • Finalist, London International Creative Competition LICC 

  • Honorable mention, International Design Awards IDA 2020

Presented At:

  • Radical Futures, Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2022

  • Mena Grad Show, Dubai Design Week 2020

  • Future Design & Design Future, Sharjah Gallery 2020

  • RiseUp Summit 2020 

  • Holy Shift, Sharjah Gallery, December 2020




TIME: 20 - 50 MINS


AGE: 14+

Creative Coding | Projection Mapping | AR & VR | Storytelling | Psychology 


During the latest amendments of the Egyptian Constitution, more than ten million video views on YouTube, hundreds of newspaper articles, media coverage by various famous media channels as well as billboards, radio advertisements and social media posts were discussing the new changes. Such rising public interest shows the importance of investigating this document, which has a great symbolic and practical value.


As a matter of fact, statistics show that there is an accrued ignorance of the basic elements of the constitution, including basic political structures, history and evolution, among Egyptian citizens. The general public, especially the youth, know too little about their civil duties and guaranteed rights in the constitution.


This problem has led Egyptian citizens to feel disconnected from their own constitution. In order to solve this issue, many questions arise such as how can we enhance political engagement through design?

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